Stadelman EOSQuote

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Steve Stadelman (D-Rockford) released the following statement after the Illinois Senate passed the Fiscal Year 2024 budget and revenue plan that focuses on education and efforts to help struggling communities:

“This is the biggest investment Illinois has made toward higher education in the last twenty years. Illinois is investing $350 million to the school funding formula that helps increase resources to the Rockford, Harlem and Belvidere school districts.

“Illinois is making smart investments in paying back our debts while continuing to invest in social, educational and community programs. We have made significant contributions toward SMART Start Illinois and continuing Early Childhood Block Grants to increase preschool availability and access.

“This budget supports businesses and Illinois’ status as a business leader across the nation. By continuing our workforce training and development programs, Illinois is carving a path for the revitalization of communities as we attract new businesses and jobs to our state.

“Illinois is continuing to invest by extending and increasing the Historic Preservation Tax Credits that have helped Rockford and other communities around the state fix up old buildings and put them back on the tax roll.

“I am proud to support this budget and look forward to the work we can do for the residents of Rockford and those all across Illinois.”