ROCKFORD – State Senator Steve Stadelman announced that the Rockford Public Library was awarded a Secretary of State grant aimed at assisting public libraries in underserved communities with crucial technology advancements.

“In today’s digital age, access to technology is key for personal and professional development,” said Stadelman (D-Rockford). “By enhancing the technological capabilities of our public libraries, we are empowering residents with the tools they need to succeed. This grant will help level the playing field for those in underserved areas, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive in our increasingly digital world.”

The Rockford Public Library is eligible for a $27,500 grant through the Secretary of State. Funds can be used for expanding online collections, purchasing digital and adaptive devices, increasing internet accessibility and other local technology needs. Libraries must file plans for use of grant funds by June 14 and projects can start as early as June 28. Libraries will have two years to spend the grant money.

“Investing in our public libraries is an investment in our future,” said Stadelman. “By enhancing access to technology, we are not only supporting individual growth but also fostering a more informed and connected community.”

To learn more about the grant and view a list of libraries that were awarded grants, visit here.